Basey Insurance is proud to partner with LifeExec® to provide a secure life management solution.

LifeExec® provides a secure life management web application designed for storing your important information along with tailor-made plans to keep your closest contacts informed during any life event.

What is LifeExec®?

LifeExec® offers the world’s only technology that distributes instructions and documents during future life events. This includes medical emergencies, accidents, and legacy plans.

LifeExec® Communications

Accident Planning

Send medical history, medical insurance, advanced directives, home care, child and/or pet care, and work instructions to designated contacts in the event of an accident.

Home Protection

Recover faster from fire, flood, natural disasters, or theft with insurance policies and asset records stored securely in your LifeExec® vaults.

Travel Protection

Record your driver’s license, passport, and credit card information to safeguard against loss while traveling. Automatically send home care, child/pet care, and work instructions on your departure date.

Legacy Planning

Distribute information on wills, insurance, and burial instructions to family members and advisors, and send personal goodbyes and memorial requests to friends and family.

Basey Insurance is a proud partner of LifeExec®.

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